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PART 1 of 4 — Why We Are Losing

Over the next 4 days, I will share my thoughts as to why we  are losing the battle.  (We = conservatives who believe in the Constitution).


I preface with two statements.  (1) I think Obama is a horrific leader.  He is killing the country, no question.  (2) I believe in what the Tea Party tries to protect.

That said, I HATE the Impeach Obama signs.  They work AGAINST us.  Actually, I believe they are burying any chance of winning 2016, and they hurt our chances of keeping the HOUSE in 2014.  Here’s why…

The mainstream media reaches a far bigger audience than Fox and The Blaze.  And the mainstream media has painted the Tea Party as a bunch of nuts and crazies.  They’ve painted the GOP as the Evil Empire.   And so the challenge is defusing the false branding.  Thus, when I drive on the highway and see an IMPEACH OBAMA sign hanging from an overpass, I cringe.

The people who honk in favor of the sign didn’t need the reminder.  We already know Obama should be impeached.  But the fact is he will never be impeached until the mainstream media wants him impeached.  And even if they believe he should be impeached, they will never call for it to happen because they won’t hand conservatives a victory.  Therefore, the guy who honks in support of the IMPEACH OBAMA sign does nothing for us.  Sign or no sign, that guy will never vote for Hillary.

My concern is the message the sign sends to the liberal and the independent who isn’t very happy with Democrats and Obama, but who is willing to stay loyal because they have been taught to dislike the crazy Tea Party and the evil GOP.  Every time they see the IMPEACH OBAMA sign it’s a reminder that we are punching the President they elected in the face.  And so it pushes them further away.

We have to STOP feeding into the false narrative being sold by the Democrats and the media.  I say put away the IMPEACH OBAMA signs and start fighting fire with fire.  Shower people with signs that hit them where it hurts… in the wallet.   Hang a sign that reminds people they haven’t received a raise. In essence, allow them to figure it out for themselves.  Not all of them will, but we don’t need all of them — we only need some of them.

Remember, my issue isn’t with the people who make the signs.  In fact, last week I stopped on I-95 and visited people from   Lovely people; true patriots with big hearts and a deep love of country.  How can I not love them?  But it’s not me they should be trying to sell.