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PART 2 of 4 – Why We Are Losing

Last night, in PART 1, I addressed the need to stop feeding into the false narrative set by the liberal media.  Tonight, I address the need to “Change the Ground Rules.”

Currently, the Conservative leadersh…ip is being played by the Democrats.   The Dems create the rules and Conservatives play by them.   Why?  It’s because the Conservative leadership plays not to lose, versus, playing to win.  The difference between the two is staggering.

Remember the Cola Wars?  Coke v Pepsi.  Coke was #1.  Pepsi tried copying Coke’s marketing but it didn’t work.  They considered copying Coke’s glass bottle but Coke owned the design.  Basically, Pepsi was chasing Coke and thus, Pepsi was always second best.

Then Pepsi realized they had to change the ground rules.  They had to force Coke to do the chasing.  That said, Pepsi knew there was no way they’d sell more bottles than Coke. So they focused on selling more soda.  To do this, Pepsi gave up on the glass bottle idea and began marketing the oversized plastic bottle. People loved it, especially moms who did the food shopping.   Even though Coke was selling more glass bottles, Pepsi was selling more soda.  Suddenly, Pepsi was #1.

AC Nielson recognized Pepsi with a special award for the longest uninterrupted market share increase of any consumer product they had ever measured.  Coke responded by creating their own plastic bottle and discontinuing the glass bottle.  In other words, Pepsi changed the ground rules and in doing so forced Coke to abandon what once made them the market leader.

Look at Romney’s campaign.  He played not to lose by apologizing for being rich.  He should have played to win by explaining to Americans how he would help them become rich.  Why didn’t he play to win?  Because Obama forced him to abandon his bottling.  Obama forced Romney to play by Obama’s rules.  Sadly, Conservatives haven’t learned any lessons.  They remain mystified by Obama.

Conservatives need to STOP apologizing for having principles.  They need to stop apologizing for being successful.  They need to stop playing to lose.  For example, STOP giving up on Conservative principles in exchange for a voter block.  Wake up!   We constantly hear Democrats say, “The GOP needs to embrace amnesty or they will lose the Latino vote.”  Do you really think the Democrats are concerned if the GOP loses a voter?  No.  Then why do they say it?  Because they are forcing the GOP to play by their rules.

The GOP needs to change the ground rules.   I just question if they have the players to do it.