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Part 3 of 4 – Why We Are Losing

In Part 2, I focused on changing the ground rules and getting ahead of the Democrats.  Part 3 picks up where Part 2 left off.

“Lack of problem solving.”
Instead of the GOP pushing new programs to create j…obs and pull people off welfare, they go on TV and focus on highlighting Obama’s failure to create jobs and his love affair with handing out entitlements.   People are tired of the hot air.  They know the problems; they thirst for solutions.  The GOP candidate who can articulate real solutions will win the game.

Here’s an analogy…

Years ago, I started a business of buying and selling surplus computer systems and peripherals.  My suppliers were leasing companies, banks, rental companies and Fortune 500 businesses.  My customers were schools, small businesses and computer repair companies.  At the outset, my biggest challenge was securing a constant supply of equipment because inventory managers preferred selling to my competitors.  Why?  Because my competitors had deeper pockets.  They could write checks for millions of dollars, whereas my buying power was less than $100k.  Bottom line, I was stuck purchasing the small piles nobody wanted.

To make matters worse, my competitors would wine and dine the inventory managers and shower them with free tickets to NFL games, concerts, etc.   I’d complain to the inventory managers about the unfairness of it all, but it did no good.  They told me straight out, “You’re not offering us a better solution.”

I had to think differently.  So, I stopped focusing on my own needs and started focusing on the needs of the inventory manager.  I asked them, “What’s more important to you, the ease of selling the equipment in bulk — or — obtaining the highest price?”

Every inventory manager gave the same answer, “My job is to get the highest price but I cannot have the stuff pile up in the warehouse.”  Suddenly, I saw an opportunity…

Yes, the inventory manager enjoyed the free NFL tickets, but keeping their job was far more important.   And so I retooled my business model into a partnership program.  I offered the inventory managers the ability to ship their equipment directly to my warehouse on consignment.  I would absorb the costs of managing and storing all the equipment in exchange for the right to sell it all.  And I promised to sell it to end users who paid the highest price.  At the end of the month I would remit 70% of the final sales to the inventory manager, I would retain 30%.

The program was a huge success.  Not only did I offer the inventory manager a better, higher yielding solution, BUT I ELIMINATED my one disadvantage…  my lack of capital was no longer an issue.

Within a year nearly every inventory manager in the country was using my service. Thus, my company went from being the smallest player to the industry leader.  Many of my competitors went out of business because I held all the equipment.  The competitors who stayed in business ended up being my customers.  And even better, I was now a job creator.  Meaning, I went from 5 employees to more than 200.

The GOP has to think outside the box.  They need to change the narrative.  Stop telling the Obama is death to America story; start telling the GOP can save America story.  Democrats offer no real solutions for creating jobs, we know this. What people need to know is how the GOP can create jobs.  Romney was wrong when he said he could never get the 47%.  The GOP could grab most of the 47% in the same way I grabbed most of the inventory managers.  The secret is speaking to the people and learning more about what they need and want.  Most people don’t want to collect welfare — they want jobs.  That’s where the votes are… JOBS.