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Part 4 of 4 – Why We Are LosingConservatism Has Lost its COOL.

Apple Computer has always created “cool” products and that’s why Apple is forever being imitated. Young people love Apple; old people love Apple; middle age people, men, wom…en, Blacks, Latinos, Whites and Asians all love Apple.  Apple was cool in the 80’s;  Apple is cool today.  Apple knows how to sell “cool.”

Apple lures you into believing that without owning the latest Apple product you will fall behind those who do.   And once Apple gets you in they never let you go because aside from being cool, Apple products deliver.

Apple understands the importance of being modern.  They constantly reinvent the Apple packaging without ever losing the Apple identity.  For example, the Apple logo has always been an apple.  But back in the 80s the apple was rainbow colored.   Today, the logo is chrome.   And then there’s the box.  It is always clean, simple and cool.  It is never confusing, busy or cheap.

Now look at the GOP.  It is so not modern.  It packages itself with McCain, Graham and McConnell.  Perhaps that’s because the package designer is Karl Rove.  And whether you agree with their tactics or not, when young guys like Senators Lee and Cruz try to modernize the packaging, Rep. Peter King steps up and warns the public of what’s inside the box.

The GOP conveys stale and old, confusing and combative.  Instead of modernizing the package, the GOP is changing the product.  This is why the GOP is starting to look more and more like the Democratic party.  The GOP is in imitation mode.

Conservatism should be marketed like a must-have iPhone.  People need to believe that inside the GOP box sits the American dream.  Limited government, empowering the individual, fiscal responsibility, freedom, liberty… it’s all in there, and it’s all cool because it all works.  But the GOP doesn’t sell that message.  Please, if you were young who would you vote for, McCain or Obama? McCain looks like he is about to fall over, Obama is shooting hoops.  Look at Bush v Clinton.  Bush was the stiff and robotic old guy, Clinton was the young sax player.

There will be a HUGE opportunity in 2016.  Obamacare will prove to be a disaster.  The job market will be floundering.  College grads will be drowning in student loans.  And the Democrats will abandon what has worked.  They will put forward an old candidate (Hillary).   Thus, the GOP needs to prepare — it can win if it can find a leader who can convey the cool within conservatism.  He/she needs to sell to the youngsters without abandoning the base, which means he/she has to modernize the conservative product.  It is so doable with the right leader.  The question is will the GOP embrace the idea.  If they do not, make no mistake, the GOP does NOT stand a chance.  The GOP will end up being Packard Bell.  Remember them?  Probably not.